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Take a trip with the 'Semper Allegro' semper allegro
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Video shorts:

Breton trawlers shelter in Newlyn

Penlee lifeboat exercise
Cornish Sardines landing

Christmas Harbour Lights concert
Engine lift out movie

Seacore marina piling

Archive galleries:

  • Semper Allegro PZ100
    Take a virtual trip aboard the Newlyn beam trawler Semper Allegro, skippered by Michael Nowell accompanied by Roger, star of the BBC TV series 'The Skipper' and Spencer, general factotum.
  • W &Sons
    Take 3 virtual tours [1] [2] [3]
    around the harbour and see W Stevenson & Son's fleet, the largest in Europe, with over 20 fishing boats, mainly beam-trawlers. This family firm provides employment for fishermen and shoreworkers, market staff and transport drivers to electricians and engineers.
  • Take a quick movie tour of the harbour activity and fish auction:
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